Contact Info 

Address: Ehlibeyt Mah. Mevlana Bulvarı No:181 TR06520 Çankaya / ANKARA – TURKEY

Phone: +90 312 409 60 00

Fax :+90 312 409 60 09


How to go? 

From the Ankara Esenboğa Airport:

As soon as you arrive at Ankara Esenboga Airport, you can find regularly HAVAS buses (Airport Transfer Service- right behind the exit door to go to the main bus station terminal (ASTI) in the city centre (approximately 5 €, make sure that you've changed your money at the airport). It takes 35-40 minutes from airport to the last station, ASTI. 

When you arrive at ASTI, take a taxi to the Turkish NA (it's between 10-14 Liras, 5-7 € and takes 5 minutes). 


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