Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliances

Sector Skills Alliances aim at tackling skills gaps by identifying sector specific labour market needs and demand for new skills with regard to one or more occupational profiles, and/or enhancing the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET systems to sector-specific labour market needs.

Sector Skills Alliances are transnational projects either identifying or drawing on existing and emerging skills needs in a specific economic sector and/or translating these needs into vocational curricula to respond to those needs.
A particular focus will be on digital skills as they are increasingly important on all job profiles across the entire labour market. Also, the transition to a circular economy needs to be underpinned by changes to qualifications and national education and training curricula to meet emerging professional needs for green skills.

Projects can achieve these aims by applying to one of the following lots:

Lot 1: Sector Skills Alliances for skills needs identification will work at sectoral level in order to provide clear and detailed evidence of what the needs and gaps are. This would make it possible to address such gaps through training provision, whether it be VET-based (Lot 2) or other education and training.

Lot 2: Sector Skills Alliances for design and delivery of VET will work todesign and deliver common training content for vocational programmes for one, or several related, profession/s in a sector, as well as teaching and training methodologies. A particular focus is to be put on work-based learning, providing learners with the skills required by the labour market. Lot 2 -Sector Skills Alliances are required to apply EU wide instruments and tools such as the EQF , ECVET , EQAVET .