Erasmusdays Cappadocia Activity was realized

Cappadocia Activity was realized in the context of Erasmusdays. An Erasmus+ Information Meeting was realized on the first day of the two - day activity. During the meeting, teachers and educators from Nevşehir Province came together and got technical information about the details of Erasmus+ Programme. In addition, the institutions of the accepted projects across Nevşehir participated in the meeting with their project stands.

On the second day of the Activity, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı made the opening speech and immediately afterwards, “Cappadocia Kızılçukur Valley Walking Activity” was realized.

In his speech, Mr. KAYMAKCI mentioned; “Turkiye is a part of Europe socially, culturally and geographically and Erasmus Programme is open to the whole youth across Turkiye and all the authorities are doing their best to make it possible for our young people who are the future of Europe to get the most out of the Erasmus Programme.” Erasmus+ volunteers and the young came together during the Walking Activity and they talked about the opportunities Erasmus+ Programme offers to the young concerning education-training, internship and volunteering.

In the second part of the Activity, Italian volunteer Riccardo Dacquisto and  French volunteer Roxane Declerq who are in our country in the context of Erasmus+ handbuilt their own pots in the “Ceramics and Pots Fabrication Activity” as souvenir.

Erasmusdays were celebrated on 12-13 October,2018 in 37 different countries with more than 1300 activities. Our country took place in Erasmusdays celebrations with more than 150 activities.

We thank to all institutions from Turkiye for their organizing activities in the context of Erasmusdays.

Monday, October 15, 2018