Erasmus + and ESC Projects Implementation Process

Project beneficiaries are obliged to carry out their project activities in accordance with the rules specified in the grant agreement and its annexes signed with them. The total grant amount allocated for the project and details of the grant items are included in the grant contract.

The first payment of projects will be sent to the bank account specified in the contract. There can be interim payment (s) if stated in the contract. The project will be completed after the submitted final reportand the final payment / refund.

The Beneficiaries are expected to spend their budget in accordance with the communiqué published by the Ministry of Finance in order to benefit from the VAT exemption,  the VAT Exemption process for the relevant period are shared with the beneficiaries after the grant contract is signed.

All beneficiaries who signed a contract with our Agency are obliged to submit progress and / or interim and final reports on the dates specified in the grant contracts. The dates and details are included in the contract. The progress report and / or interim report are received within the  project activities and implementation process, according to the contract. The final report will be  received after the project period. The final report contains information on all activities and expenditures realized within the scope of the project during the activity period. Following the evaluation of the report in question, the balance payment / refund process will be initiated for the Beneficiaries. All the reports mentioned will be submitted to the National Agency through the Mobility Tool + developed by the European Commission.

If there is a change in any basic information about the project implementation (bank information, address information, change of contact person, change of dates, change of partner, etc.) within the project period, it is obligatory to contact your Agency. The change is recorded in writing by arranging an additional contract and updated in databases.

Projects continue after the end of the project activities deadline, through dissemination and exploitation of the results (DEOR). The impact related to the project is measured with effective methods in activities and to disseminate and sustain the project results. The dissemination of projects should continue throughout the project process and beyond. A good dissemination should be well defined and planned, relevant to the project activities. This process should have been designed at the outset of the project in order to disseminate the results effectively. In the application period, a dissemination program should be prepared regarding what, for what purpose, when, to whom and where it will be disseminated during and after the project. Project results should be developed and used to meet the needs of others so the outcomes can be transferred to new areas, continue after the end of the grant process, and affect future policies and practices. However, the type and scope of activities for dissemination and use of results should be developed and proportionate according to the type of project developed and its specific needs. This may vary depending on factors such as whether the project is process oriented, whether it will produce concrete outputs, and whether it is developed by small or large scale participating organizations. In order to obtain detailed information on the aforementioned issues, the dissemination, use of results and visibility sections of our website together with the relevant sections of the Programme Guide.

There can be technical / financial monitoring inspections fom the Turkish National Agency and / or the European Commission, regarding the use of the grant. These controls and inspections can be carried out during the implementation of the project or after the project is completed. In this context, the beneficiaries are required to keep all supporting documents of the project for the period specified in the grant contract.

Additionally to the above mentioned information, it is recommended to keep the useful type for information / documents created for the relevant project that may be needed during project execution.