Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should we do before applying for projects within the Erasmus + Program and ESC Program?

Those who wish to apply to the country-based projects of the Erasmus + and ESC Program must have the Organization ID (Organization ID, OID). OID will be used instead of the Participant Identification Code (PIC).

However, those who previously had a PIC code were automatically assigned an OID. The assigned OID can be entered into the "Search" field on the Organization Registration system for Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps page, by clicking on the name of the institution / organization or the "expand search criteria" button and enter the PIC code, tax number, etc. information is learned by entering. Those who have received more than one PIC code in the previous terms should contact the unit responsible for the program to be applied.

Those who have not received a PIC code before, can also register for OID by registering from the "Register my organization" tab on the Organization Registration system for Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps page. On the page opened in the "Register my organization" tab, it is necessary to login with the EU Login user information. Those with an EU Login account (formerly ECAS account) can login to the system with their existing accounts. Those who do not have an EU Login account, click the "Create an account" tab and obtain an EU Login account and log into the system.

The registered information must be current and up-to-date information.

The OID must be obtained once to be used in all country-based project applications of the Erasmus + program.

When creating a record for the OID, a username and password that can be remembered at all times should be preferred instead of the user name and passwords specific to the person performing the registration. This information should be stored in a way that allows the access of the relevant persons to be used in the next semester applications.

The system automatically generates the OID after all the information in the registration form is entered and registration is made.

OID is a number that starts with the letter "E" followed by 8 digits (For example: E12345678).

Detailed information on the OID registration process can be found on the page prepared by the European Commission.

2) Where can we find the application forms?

You can access the application forms on this page after logging in with your username and password via EU Login.

3) Can we apply for new projects even though we have ongoing projects?

Yes, you can apply. However, before making a new application, the relevant institution must analyze whether its institutional capacity can manage more than one project properly and effectively and apply accordingly.

4) Can we fill in the application form in Turkish?

The application form can be filled in any of the Program languages. Turkish is among the Program languages. However, since applications are made on behalf of the partners, especially in KA2 applications, it is recommended to fill the form in the common communication language.

5) Will we upload our application to TURNA?

You do not need to upload your application to the TURNA software for your application to be valid.

6) For more, please consult the National Agency in your Country.